Welcome to Multilink!

Multilink is an interactive, localist-connectionist model for lexical processing in the visual domain. It simulates how monolingual and bilingual language users process items of several types in a variety of tasks. A good way of understanding Multilink's workings, is to play with it! That can be done on this website.

The present version is Multilink version 2.0. When you run it without Lateral Inhibition, it is almost identical to the version that is described in the keynote paper in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, with a somewhat adapted Lexicon.

New is that you can run Multilink also with Lateral Inhibition at an intermediate value that has yielded good simulation results for neighbor studies, and at an extreme value that quickly kicks out word candidates other than the input word.

Before you Run a Simulation, you can get some Help on how to do so properly. Additional theoretical clarifications are given in Components and Research.